Panel & Bumper Repairs

We’ve all suffered the supermarket jinx. You leave your car in the car park for an hour or so and come back to a nasty surprise. Whether it’s a rogue trolley or a car door whose owner has done a quick getaway, you’re the unfortunate one left with dents in your panels and the task of finding a trusty and quality repair service.

At Chelsea Coachworks we’re always on your side. We can deal with anything from a vandal scratch to a dent of any size using paintless dent repair techniques in our fully equipped body shop.

Our services are available to clients in Chelsea & Kensington, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and Fulham.

If you’ve suffered a road accident, there’s no need for sleepless nights worrying about how much it will cost to put right. We can meticulously carry out insurance repairs on your behalf and there’s no need to dread the bill at the end. Our clients are our number one priority and we provide you with the service you expect for a price which may pleasantly surprise you.

We also offer paint repairs and complete re-sprays if necessary so that we may return your beloved vehicle to you in prime condition.

With over 10 years of experience in our industry, we’ve seen it all and nothing fazes us. All our paintwork is guaranteed for 5 years and you can rely on us for friendly, professional services and a rapid turnaround.

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