Paint Repairs

Scratches are unavoidable; they can be caused by all kinds of things such as loose chippings on the road or a lorry flicking up stones as it drives past you.

Even if you’re unfortunate enough to have suffered vandals who have keyed your paintwork, you don’t need to worry. A common misconception with paint scratches is that you have to replace the whole part in order to fix it. At Chelsea Coachworks we say ‘why change your slightly cracked bumper when you can repair it?’

Here at Chelsea Coachworks we have an eco-friendly spray booth which is a self-contained unit and not affected by the weather.

Our ECO-XPRESS service provides for a same day repair (pending on the extent of the damage) whilst ensuring that the consistency of our work is unparalleled.

Bringing your car to a workshop can be problematic and we combat this by giving you the option to have your car picked up and dropped off anywhere in Chelsea, Mayfair, Fulham, Kensington and Knightsbridge. We’re all about helping our customers and we do everything we can to ensure a seamless, stress-free service.

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